About Us

our Vision


For these shirts everyone would like to get out of the skin. BOYS LIKE IT BLACK: For real Men in Black when there are cocoon cotton the best design with a high style factor inspired by tattoo artists. GIRLS LIKE IT COLORFUL: That's why the shirts and tank tops may be really colorful from the collection for girls sometimes. The motives: Skulls & Roses, Wings & Glory and a generous portion of honest rock’n'roll. We create original designs but also we working with great creatives together for you to be able to offer the best stuff in best quality. If you have questions about us and our work, or if you want to influence our work positively - feel free to contact us! :)

our mission


With the purchase of a cocooncotton shirt you support fair trade, the observance of human values, the child protection and the environment protection by support of the biological cultivation. The production of the biocotton as well as social standard is certificated by independent authorities and is shown by seal, so that a perfectly ecological product and ethical standards are guaranteed for the final consumer. It is to be offered us importantly high quality to pay attention, however, also to it we select our partners after these standards. In Sol´s and Continental we have found this. We are pleased about the advancement in this area and support this with pleasure.